Spanish at Cornell boasts a highly recognized faculty in both Spanish American and Peninsular literatures and cultures, making it one of the top programs in the nation in terms of both teaching and research excellence.

Faculty with expertise in Spanish can be found not only in the Department of Romance Studies, but also in many other departments and programs, from City and Regional Planning, to International Agriculture, to Visual Studies. The range of faculty interests and departmental activities is enormous, allowing students to design their own personalized curricula after a few core requirements are met. Many of our students and faculty enjoy a privileged relation with colleagues in History, Anthropology, Art History, Near Eastern Studies, or Comparative Literature (to name a few related areas of study within the College of Arts and Sciences), as well as the Latin American Studies Program and the Latino Studies Program. Other Cornell Units Other units at Cornell committed to supporting the work of advanced students in Spanish are the The Institute for European Studies and several of the Language House.