Campbell’s Book “The Techne of Giving” Recently Published

Tim Campbell, Professor of Italian Studies, has published his latest book, The Techne of Giving: Cinema and the Generous Form of Life, with Fordham University Press in January 2017. In a time where people and corporations are giving “more money, more often, to charitable organizations,” this book examines contemporary giving and its social forms. But is there another way to conceive of generousity? According to the publisher, “Moving between visual studies, Winnicottian psychoanalysis, Foucauldian biopower, and apparatus theory, Campbell makes a case for how to give and receive without giving gifts.” Reviewer John David Rhodes, of the University of Cambridge, writes “Campbell gently compels us to see how film models a mode of comportment toward the world that is nonpossessive, tentative, and open to discovery. In his exquisite handling of films by Visconti, Rossellini, and Antonioni, Campbell nudges us towards a vision of cinema’s redemptively expropriating gestures.”

Visit the publisher’s website to learn more about The Techne of Giving.