For all Languages in Romance Studies

Credit will be granted only for work done at four-year, accredited, universities and colleges in the United States, or in programs affiliated with four-year, accredited universities and colleges in the United States, in programs comparable to the language programs in Romance Studies at Cornell, and only with the approval of the  Director of Undergraduate Studies. The Department reserves the right to deny credit to students who had their pre-approval form signed by someone other than the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Credit will be granted only for courses that are comparable to those offered at Cornell. While the department may grant credit for approved courses taken at other institutions, it will not grant equivalence. Students-must take the appropriate department placement exam after they have completed the pre-approved course, in order to be placed in the appropriate course at a higher level. They should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies for information about the appropriate exam. Students must apply for transfer credit and take the placement exam before taking a higher level course in the same language at Cornell.


The Arts and Sciences language requirement can only be fulfilled by courses taken at Cornell. This is a College, not a department, policy. Please take this into account as you plan your work at Cornell and elsewhere.

Procedure for approval of language courses:

  1. Bring the following materials to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Cary Howie, in K111 Klarman Hall:
    1. Course materials: If you took the course already bring detailed course materials for the purposes of comparing the proposed course with equivalent courses at Cornell. These materials could include: a course syllabus or plan or a list of skills taught in the course, along with the means of teaching those skills (How many written exercises will be/were assigned? Of what length? How much reading will be/were assigned? What materials will be/were used in the course?) If you are planning on taking a course during the summer, save all of the course materials. You will be asked to show the syllabus, tests, writing assignments, and other course materials for formal approval after the course is taken.
    2. Transcript: A sealed, official copy of the transcript from the institution where the course was/is going to be taken. The minimum grade required to receive transfer credit is a B.
    3. Pre-approval: form This form can be obtained from the Arts and Sciences Registrar’s office.
  2. The Director of Undergraduate Studies gives final approval and notifies the student of the outcome.